Repararea turbocompresoarelor


Testing and calibrating turbochargers with variable turbine geometry

Quick and easy VNT/VTG turbocharger calibration

Many repair technicians know the problem: A used turbocharger is reconditioned with genuine parts, then balanced with the highest possible accuracy - first for TBcomfort and then for TBcore or TBsonio, and directly following the installation there already is the first error message: Either the boost pressure is too high or too low, the motor has no power, or it even switches to the emergency program. These errors frequent appear in reconditioned turbochargers if they are installed without calibrating the variable turbine geometry. In most cases, the reason is that permissible tolerances are exceeded which leads to engine malfunction. Resolving the issue not only takes a lot of time but is also costly: Disassembly, shipping, calibration, and return to the customer can quickly increase costs and reduce profit.

Easy to handle, precise results

With the VISCOM Flow Bench, reconditioned VNT/VTG turbochargers can be calibrated with precision easily and quickly in just minutes so that they reliably meet the manufacturer's specifications. The test is quick and straightforward: Simply clamp the turbocharger into the machine with the correct adapter. Thanks to the magnetic adapter, this can be done quickly and without any tools. Next, block the turbocharger on the compressor wheel side to prevent it from turning inadvertently and connect the pneumatic or electric boost pressure actuator. After entering the turbocharger model on the touchscreen, the measurement run is started. After a few seconds, the measurement is complete and you will see whether the charger is within the manufacturer tolerance. If it is outside the tolerance, the turbocharger can be recalibrated directly without removement - and this can be done very comfortably while the measurement is running.

The advantages at a glance

  • Low space requirements and easy commissioning
  • Easy and precise turbocharger installation with the TM-A adapter system®
  • Very short setup and measurement time
  • Calibration of the turbocharger during the measurement run
  • Comprehensive scope of delivery with an adapter and connection set for 95% of commonly used turbocharger types
  • More than 1,000 turbocharger references on board
  • Regular software updates for new turbocharger types
  • Creating own references possible

Technical data

Basic, Comfort, and Premium - three variants suitable for any needs

The VISCOM Flow Bench variants offer different equipment packages that are tailored to the users’ needs. What they have in common is the extensive basic equipment with touchscreen, VISCOM measurement software, TM-A adapter system for about 95% of all commonly used turbochargers, and the required flow measurement system.

Monoblock machine housing, installation on the workshop floor, incl. adjustment screws
Patented TM-A-adapter system for accommodating turbochargers on the machine.
The scope of delivery includes 4 different adapters. With these adapters, almost 95% of all commonly used turbochargers can be clamped into the machine.
Locking tool for the compressor wheel in order to prevent the turbocharger from turning during the measurement
Database with more than 1,000 turbocharger types (flow and tolerance) included
Industrial PC with Windows embedded operating system; USB port for data exportIndustrial PC with Windows embedded operating system, Ethernet connection, USB port for data export
7” touchscreen display15.6” touchscreen display
Viscom Basic Edition measurement softwareViscom Premium Edition measurement software
Not availableSensor system: Integrated temperature and air pressure sensors. The measured values are transferred automatically to the machine to calculate the correct values
Not availableTest of pneumatic drive (PAT)
Not availableiCOM and iPROG system for testing and triggering as well as reading out and programming commonly used electrical actuators
Available languages: GER, GB, PL, FR, IT, RU, SP
Network connection: 230V / 50 Hz / power consumption: 10 A
Dimensions: 1,200 x 690 x 1,130 (WxDxH)Dimensions: 1,200 x 690 x 1,430 (WxDxH)
Weight: Approx. 180 - 245 kg (depending on variant)