Repararea turbocompresoarelor


The basic machine for perfect, high-speed balancing of turbocharger core assemblies

Schenck quality at an appealing price

The TBcore is our new basic machine for high-speed balancing of turbocharger core assemblies. It is a highly convincing complete package that is tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized maintenance providers – without compromising balancing quality. Thanks to the comprehensive starter kit, the machine is ready for balancing once machine set up is completed.  

Not only does the TBcore have an outstanding price-performance ratio, operating costs such as power and air consumption are also kept within reasonable limits. The available accessories, such as the two-part drive system with printed drive sockets to accommodate the various turbochargers, are highly cost-effective and can be delivered quickly.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Sophisticated machine concept for simple and safe operation – fast and error-free working
  • Starter kit consisting of the basic adapter package, hand grinder and a blow-out gun – no additional costs
  • Monoblock machine: low effort during comissioning – simply connect power and compressed air – and off you go
  • Simple handling due to advanced CAB measuring technology – highest precision for fast unbalance correction
  • Unbalance measurement over the entire speed range – no spot measurement, no fixed speed necessary, very short balancing effort: measuring, correction, checking, done
  • Balancing without calibration: As an alternative to unbalance correction, you can also reduce only the vibration value of the core assembly – without setup rotor and calibration effort
  • Adapter rings for mounting the different core assemblies ensure low operating costs
  • Noise protection – flexible placement in the workshop as no separate noise protection measure required
  • Safety – highest safety standards according to the latest machinery directives for accident-free working

Easy handling

The entire mechanical system is designed for ease of operation, from easy access to the working area to quick set-up of another core assembly. Thanks to the extendable front drawer, access to the inner workings of the TBcore is easy. Occasional maintenance work such as changing the oil filter can therefore be carried out quickly and conveniently.

Comprehensive user guidance

During setup and configuration of the measuring equipment, the measuring device of TBcore walks you through the menu in logical steps. This avoids operating errors, which could quickly lead to an incorrect measurement result. With TBcore no calibration runs are necessary.

Plain text display

The measuring device provides you with an exact and direct display of unbalance measurement results in mass and angular position, without the need for conversion. This gives you security when making corrections.

Unbalance correction directly on the machine

Unbalance correction can be carried out directly on the machine with a grinder – without having to reposition it to a machine tool location. This avoids an additional source of error – for simple, fast and high-precision balancing!

Two ways, one goal

The best way to achieve low-vibration of core assembly is balancing: it eliminates unbalance with highest precision and accuracy. If time is of the essence, TBcore also offers you a second option: Unbalance can be reduced without calibration of the machine by reducing the vibration value. This method is less precise but for the experienced user it is a way to get fast results.

Energy efficient and sustainable

For the operation of the TBcore only a 230 V power connection and an air compressor are necessary. The low power and air consumption keep the operating costs of TBcore at a constant low level.

Low space requirement, easy commissioning

The TBcore is a monoblock machine with a very compact design so that it fits on a Euro pallet. To put it into operation, just connect it to electricity and compressed air and you are ready to start! Anchoring the machine to the shop floor is not required.

Excellent sound insulation

Operating noise is effectively reduced using advanced sound insulation technology. Owing to these extensive sound insulation measures, TBcore can be used directly in your workshop without additional noise abatement measures.

Flexible adapter program

The core assemblies are connected to the TBcore with type-specific adapter rings. They can be replaced in just a few easy steps and are aerodynamically optimized for low air consumption. The two-piece adapter rings can be ordered directly in our online store.

Your safety takes top priority

In all aspects, TBcore satisfies the requirements of the current Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, valid since the beginning of 2010, and is CE-certified. The protective shroud is designed to meet the strict regulations of DIN ISO 21940-23 – protection against flying parts.

Non-contact speed measurement with the optional SR70 sensor

If you use the brilliant SR70 speed sensor, you no longer need to apply markings or adjust a speed sensor: Simply magnetize the axis of your core assembly and you can start the measuring run.   

Afterwards, too, screwing in the SR70 sensor for compensation is a piece of cake: The exact angular position is displayed on the measuring device so that you can quickly and precisely screw the core assembly into the compensation position.

Technical data

Rotor dimensions:

Maximum core assembly weight: 10 kg,
Flange diameter of compressor wheel: 220 mm
Maximum turbine diameter: 85 mm
Maximum compressor wheel diameter: 100 mm 

Machine data:

Dimensions (width, depth, height): 1200 x 800 x 1600 mm
Total weight: approx. 300 kg
Power supply: 230V ± 10%, 50 / 60 Hz
Drive: by compressed air (6-10bar / connection 1")
Noise level: Less than 67 dB (measured with a master core assembly type K03 at 113.000 rpm)
Protective cover: pursuant to ISO 21940-23 class D (protection against bursting rotors)
Painting: 2-color RAL7035 (light gray), RAL 7024 (graphite gray) 

Measuring unit:

CAB 950 SmartTouch


Indexing aid without visual mark (patented speed sensor SR70)
Core assembly-specific adapter rings